Is this true?


From MacFixit:

"Mac OS X Server does not support Dual 800 G4 Macs

Evidently the Mac OS X Server 10.0 CD will not install on a dual processor 800 MHz machine. Matt Denton writes:

"After failing to get a fresh dual 800 G4 to boot from the OS X Server 10.0.1 install CD several times, I called Apple and talked to a member of the OS X Server support team who, after walking me through another failed startup (the installer quits with a type 1 error when loading), concluded that 'this revision' of OS X Server is not supported on the dual 800 G4. Apparently the dual 800 requires 10.0.3 or 10.0.4 to boot and the install CD only has 10.0.1. They did not give me an ETA on a fix, but it looks like it will require a new CD. Note that this issue is unrelated to the need to install the G4_support.pkg from the G4 Software Install disk, which is required to run Mac OS X Server on a non-dual 800 G4."

Does this mean that you can't install OS X Server on a Dual 800MHz G4? :(

If yes, do you think OS X Server 10.1 will fix this?