Is this Video A Hoax? Sony Vaio dual boots Tiger and XP!


OSx86 is out there. I am tripple booting my freakin Celeron with XP Home, OSx86 and Fedora Core 4. If this garbage can do it, anything can.


Yes, there are ways to boot OSX on PC's using I think PearPC if I'm correct, but I'd delete XP and just use OSX anyhow :)


The other day I walked into my class and this one guy usually always has his laptop with him (Dell, of course). But this one day I glanced at him and I saw the Mac OS X log in screen. It was a nice surprise, but he said it ran well on his P4. He also installed the SSE emulator hack thingy so he could run PPC apps. His built-in ethernet worked, and sound, but not wireless. So it's definitely real.

These Intel Macs will kick butt! ;)


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This is not PearPC, sirstaunch, this is Mac OS X for intel. Not the PPC version emulated.


i remember reading new scientist around the end of 2003 and intel were working on a OS independent chip...

and if apple have had a working copy of OSX for x86 chips for the last 5 years you can imagine that they've been in talks etc for just as long.

as more of these work arounds become available - the easier it will get to do it.


fryke said:
This is not PearPC, sirstaunch, this is Mac OS X for intel. Not the PPC version emulated.

Oh, so someones done it already? I wondered afterwards about the speed too and didn't know if PearPC was fast or slow, just knew that mac for Windows emulators were slow.

Wow, I'll still delete the XP though :D


i've seen it online, been tempted to install it on a 2nd hard drive on my dell, but i don't have the patience to do it...wouldn't mind have a tri-boot machine, linux, xp and os x

besides i heard you can't really install any 3rd party apps, and Apple crippled this OS X for good reasons too. Only what you get is it, the basic OS X no plug-ins are supported or anything.

I'd hate to see what Apple is gonna do to the Dev that leaked OS X, i heard it was pretty bad for the dev that put OS X Tiger on the Bit-Torrent network.

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I've just done some considerable research on the whole osX86 thing, searching both main streets and dark alleyways in bad neighborhoods. And after reading the compatibility list, and reeling in amazement that it took hackers 12 hours to crack the trusted networks chip, I think Steve Jobs is a brilliant man.

My crackpot theory:

Apple could feasibly take a huge bite out of Windows market-share if they release osX86 officially. Think about it, I know there have been other discussions here about letting Tiger run on non mac hardware; but I see a huge community of otherwise PC using coders supporting the development. The frenzy of underground coders I witnessed during my research is just the tip of the iceberg; lots of more mainstream folks would love to run osX on their PC's. People who couldn't afford to buy a mac, and already have a decent pc would gladly hand over $130 to have Tiger on their system; realizing that when Longhorn or Vista (or what-ever-the ****its called) finally gets released, they will most likely have to by new hardware. Get those people using Tiger before longhorn ships by any means necessary; they'll never want to go back to windows.

As per the leak. What better way to easily distribute the task of beta testing on the infinite combinations of PC configurations than to have the underground do it for you for free. So far the documentation online I have found concerning compatibility issues and bugs had been astounding.

It's got to be by design...Steve knows how the internets work.


I wouldn't be surprised if Apple did release OSx86 on purpose to see what the hackers out there would do with it.

Windows Vista's system requirements are just too damn much, and it's not even half way through development yet. You need at least a 3Ghz P4, 512MB of RAM (1GB prefered) etc etc, it's too damn much for the average computer user.

Now Leopard/Tiger would need less system requirements etc etc. It's a brillant move to strike and take a way the 95% of the marketshare that windows owns.

I wouldn't pay for a Graybox with Tiger/Leopard on it, i'd rather spend the extra money and get a an actual Apple made machine.

Post Production, Where did you look for information of OSx86??? I know a few sites dedicated to it.


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Yeah this is for real, I've seen Mac OS X running on a PC without emulation. DOS text: Darwin x86 :mad:


We used to thumb our noses at Pee Cee users 'cause we could run PC crap on our Macs via SoftPC and Virtual PC while all they could run was their beloved MS-DOS and windoze. Looks like the PC community is getting the last laugh (courtesy of Steve Jobs).

Apple Employee, did it not even occur to Steve Jobs that System Tiger would get hijacked (downloaded via peer to peer) by the Pee Cee community?


The only way the OS X would succeed is if they could run Windows apps natively if they released it to the rest of the x86 world. Otherwise, it will stay in our niche little market.