I recently downloaded iScrobbler so that I could sign up at ( Basically it's meant to work with iTunes to detect which songs get played all the way through, and it sends this information to this site's server, where it shows up on my user page (my username, in case that is of any use to you, is "inmyview"). Ever since the installation of this application, my computer has been slowed down. It freezes up (spinning beach ball of Death type freezing) doing menial tasks like checking email, going to different websites and playing music (that's how i know it's not a bandwidth problem). Also, the last time I did this, my hard drive basically died and had to be reformatted. That was approximately 2 months ago.

I was wondering if this software is somehow infiltrating my system and messing up its roadmap, or something similar. I read that this application uses about 26MB of v ram, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I am running Mac OS 10.4.2 (the lastest version) on a 12" PowerBook G4.. 1.33 GHz processor, 512 MB of SDRAM....

I'd just like to know if the iScrobbler could be causing a problem at all. If this is so, I will immediately uninstall it.


I know it isn't the easiest way, but you could always uninstall it and see if that fixes your problem. I'm not sure how difficult it is to do this though. Good luck.