isdn modem

I have a similar problem with my Zyxel I assume you can connect the modem (or TA) to the modem port, like I do. If you are an expert in Hayes commands, you could write the proper script and then convert it with a free utility "modem script generator"

If you know nothing about Hayes command, there seems to be a somewhat expensive solution, "Modem Magic"

This claims to work with most modems. Mine is included, and probably yours too.

I am now debating whether learning more about Hayes commands or forking out the $ 34 for "Modem Magic."

Any input from other posters will be welcome.
I got this answer to my query on the Zyxel ISDN TA:

Do you use it is OS9? If you do then you already have a script. I use an Acer T50 ISDN TA and what I did was take the script from OS 9.1 change the creater codes to ???? (use Dropinfo, resedit or whatever) dropped it in the library of OSX for modem scripts and choose it in network settings, works like a charm. If you need any help let me know.
Has anyone been able to connect to the internet with a ZyXEL USB ISDN modem under MacOS X ?

If someone did, could you explain how you did it ?

I am using MacOS 10.0.4 and still cannot connect to the internet!...

Thank you.