isight + aMSN


Does anyone know if it is at all possible to use the isight (really coolio Mac camera) with the all popular (and open source) aMSN ?
Many thanks for any hints or links


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That was fast! Thanks for the reply. By the way, I also have MSN installed but do not know how to connect it to the isight. I have heard that it is possible to chat with MSN people through other programs. Are any of these available for the Mac and compatible with the isight? If so I would be mucho mucho grateful for the tips.

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History: I am very new to the Mac world (not even baby stage, actually still embryonic), as I have been and still am a unix/linux afiscionato. But I love to code while watching a DVD in the root window if you know what I mean ;-)



getting a little confused as to what you need to do. iSight is a camera that connects via Firewire to the mac in order to use iChat for video chat after having defined a user id and pw through aim :

As for MSN you can chat with other users as in "writing" rather than "video".

As this help in clarifying my previous answer and your open question.

Another suggestion, before wishing you a great week-end, use the "search" feature of this forum you might very well find out others had the same situations and previous posts might give you the answers you're looking for.

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Hello Gig'

Hope you had a nice week-end. Thank for the memo. I am not sure if my request was clear, and maybe this is why your answer is not clear to me.
I only want to chat with my MSN buddies, and this is achieved so far with MSN or aMSN. Furthermore, most of these windoze afficionati use a webcam on MSN, and so as I use a Mac and have purchased an isight, I really want to find a program which helps me chat with MSN buddies while still being able to see them through a webcam... something which is common practice in the windoze world.

I hope that this is more clear. if not, just blame my poor command of the english language ;-)

P.S I have found nothing relevant yet in this forum, but I will keep on searching...



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The only program I know that supports webcam for MSN is Mercury, but I'm not too sure it'll use the iSight.

And if I were you I'd throw out aMSN and get Adium, it's the bomb.


Thanks Veljo,

I have followed your advice and went to the Adium site. but this is what I found:
Adium does not currently have any Voice or Video (webcam) Chat functionality.

I will keep on looking...
N.B There was a really cool thing that the IndyCam (Vintage SGI webcam) used to do on most IRIX systems, and that is to export the live feed of the camera straight into the internal website of the OS. I wander if it is possible on the Mac.. but this is another question ;-)