Isight And Usb Microscope Conflict With Qt7(pro) And Ichat

Gary in Oz

I have both connected.

Both work just fine in iMovie, and I can switch between both in the input control.

My issue arises when the USB microscope is disconencted.
The iSight is no longer recognised.
The prefernces dialog for QT7(pro only) refuses to respond-application not responding.

and same for iChat.

iChat works fine with iSight unplugged.
iChat works fine with USB webcam ( logitech zoom 4000)
but not with iSight.

somehow the FW port is not being recognised, or the USB has captured the video...

a mate 'fixed' the problem by deleting preference files...but not sure which ones.

though I know they wee at system level.

i created a new account after a complete erase install..the settings cross the user accounts!!! so the idea of having a USB microscope account and an iSight/iMovie/iChat account is not a workaround

looking forward to your thoughts on this

Melbourne, Australia