ISO/CDR Manipulation


Hello all,

I'm new to the Mac world and I've gotten used to alot of utilities on the PC that I can't seem to find on/for the Mac. The one I am looking for now is a program to manipulate CD image files like .cdr, .iso, .toast, etc.... A program for the PC I use alot is UltraISO and one of the things I am trying to do is to change the properties of a .cdr CD and convert it to a .cdr DVD. I've used Disk Utility sucessfully to create images but I am looking to do a little more that it seems I can do with it. The first thing I'm trying to do is to take my 3 Panther CDs and make one DVD install disk. The actual example here may not be the best, but it shows the limitation of Disk Utility. I am also wanting to "ghost" a new computer so I have an image in case it needs to be reinstalled. I've been told to use Disk Utility again, but the 40G HD with just under a 4G install won't image to a DVD - says it's too big even under compression. This I did putting my G4 into Firewire mode ("T") and mounting it on the G3 I have.

One other question - is it possible to "slipstream" (PC term) an update into an image to create an image with the latest OS? ie. A 10.3.5 CD upgraded to 10.3.9 using Apples 10.3.9 Update?

Thanks for all your great info on the board!