Issues with 5G59


I have OS X 10.1 build 5G59, and it is very nice. I don't want to hear anything about where I got it or anything...I am a loyal Mac user who has purchased the Public Beta, OS X 10.0, and I will pay the $20 next week.

I have an AGP Radeon, and 1) I can't seem to figure out how to use my monitor as a display and 2) the Return to Castle Wolfenstein does not work. I think there maybe an issue with the Radeon, but I don't know. Has anyone heard about these or know how to fix these? Thanks.

What do you mean with "I can't use my monitor as a display"?

I am running 5G64 on my Quicksilver and 5G59 on my Cube with a Radeon, and RtcW runs just fine under both. Which version do you use? The new Beta4 which Greame Devine just uploaded a day ago to the iD server?

Works for me!
I have a Radeon in my dual800, running as the 2nd monitor. My main video card is the GeForce3. I too have been unable to get Castle Wolfenstein to run properly. It launches, goes through the configuration settings, and right when it's about to start game play, quits. Haven't tried running it yet on my G4/400 with one monitor (also a Radeon)...
Sorry, I just realized that I'm an idiot.

First of all, I can't seem to select my TV as an extra monitor. I use the S-Video output on the Radeon a lot, and in OS 9 I can go to the ATI Displays control panel and just select to output to the TV. In OS X, I thought that all you had to do to output to the TV was go to the Displays Control panel. Well, I don't see anything to switch to a TV.

In build 5G59 and OS X 10.0.4, I can't play Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I get an error about the UI not being created or something like that. It's the same problem that Mike over at got for a while. I have no idea how to get it to play.

Alright, I hope that I have cleared up my original post. Sorry about the confusion.

BTW, 5G59 rocks. The DVD Player works perfectly, and the system as a whole is much faster. I honestly think that I will never use OS 9 again. I don't watch DVDs on my computer, but I turned the DVD on then started doing other stuff, and the DVD never skipped a beat. True Multitasking.


I was getting some UI error. Setting r_smp = 1 in the .cfg file seemed to solve the problem. Give it a shot!

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