iSub Problems


Universal Traveler
Ever since Ive installed 10.4 Ive had iSub problems. The volume on the USB connected device will be very low, but when I open Sound Prefs in System Preferences, the volume goes back up to normal.

However turn down or up the system volume will drop the iSub volume back down again. Any suggestions?

Tip for all you new Mac users, don't buy a USB-connecting sound device, like the iSub. After 3 years of this thing, its been a really horrible product. The pro speakers and the internal 18watt sub built into my iMac sound better.
I have the same problem with the isub, open sound panel it comes on, adjust volume it goes off. The usb connection is plugged into the computer and not a hub. The sound is great when it is working. I would buy a new Soundsticks II system, but it does not have a headphone jack on it and being the soundsticks plugs into the headphone port on my imac, I couldn't use my headphones! I wish the company would redesign the system. I thought all along the isub went bad but now I realize it happened when I upgraded to OSX 4. I just don't see anything I like as well, so I am temporarily frustrated.