Isyn And [nsnull Timezone]:


I have read this question and your answer
.Mac Sync Error
*** _(NSNull timeZone) : selector not recognized (self = 0xa0727218)

Any idea's what im doing wrong? provides Free Support For This & Other Mac Issues
Response/FollowupMay 2 2005, 2:44am
Dear Will,

My name is Vinko and I will attempt to answer your question.

Although I have not seen this error before, I will try to help you analyze what may be the cause of your problem.

BTW: this may be a bug in OS 10.4.

Please answer the following questions so that I can understand your environment a bit more:
1. Have you set the Time Zone in your Date & Time preference?
2. Have you checked the "Turn on time zone support" option in the Advanced panel of your iCal Preferences?

I have done all this but I still get the same message. I have a provisional dot mac account. It workes beautifully at the beginning, but now I do not seem to be able to sync this way. The only way is toregister an archive and transfer it on the other machine. Therefore, if there is no solution I consider giving up dot mac altogether

Thank you for your help
the post's been since July, but if anyone still cares...

I noticed on my iMac G5 the same error when i upgraded to Tiger yesterday. I am now downloading the isync 2.1 update (my disk came with 2.0).

My PB does not have the error and syncs with .Mac fine (using iSync 2.1)

(It's a slow internet-dowload morning, or i'd just wait to tell you it worked or not, but maybe you have a chance to jump on this.)