iSync and iPod


wow, 1.4g is way faster!
Here's something that blows my mind. in 10.3.9 i could sync my ipod. i then got a nokia n-gage qd and had limited syncing. i upgrade to 10.4.2 and now have full support for my phone. cool i thought, but now isync will not give my ipod the time of day. in fact ipods are not listed on the compatable devices page. 'what,' i ask, 'isync gets an upgrade, but supports less devices, including apple's?' :confused: am i right, or am i missing something, like my ipod has to be mac formatted and linked to my mac's itunes lib, and not my win xp?
Apple moved the sync part from iSync to iTunes. Starting with version 4.8 of iTunes, it was capable of syncing the calendar- and adressbook-data from iCal/Adressbook. Thus having it in iSync as well would be doubled.

I think your iPod does not have to be linked via auto-update to your Mac library, I think you can sync the calendar/adressbook data without auto-update. I'm not 100% sure though, I must confess