iSync and P800 no go


I could not get iSync 1.1 to work with my P800 (iSync just went into a loop and I had to force quit)
so I upgraded the P800 at a SonyEricsson Service Point to the latest software. Phone: CXC162002 RD2 Bluetooth CXC12529 R5A

Now when I try to sync, it takes a while then it seems to go ahead with the sync, but at the end i get this message: "|P800| Could not establish connection to P800 Can't synchronize contacts to P800: device is not available".

I have restarted the phone and computer several times, deleted and added the device in iSync, tried with the BT-dongle (the name of the Dongle is TRUST) in the keyboard and in a USB-HUB , but it just wont work. I followed instructions and completely un-installed iSync, still not working.

I tried on another Mac, same result.
The P800 has no problems with connecting to other bt-devices, it works ok with my headset. It also pairs ok with the Mac.
Needless to say I'm very disappointed.


Check out

Someone has had your problem and they turned off the firewall to resolve the problem.

Hope this helps

mr. k

yeah or just open up port 3001 on the firewall and it should go through ok. according to also.
and about that P800 - do you like it? is it too big for a cellphone, is it hard to lug around? i want one, but think that a phone that can do that much is a little bit of overkill :^)


Tried that, done that.. no go buddy...
Never had any firewall in the first place.
Bluetooth plainly just sucks ...


I've got my P800 synced, although it did not do it first time. On the second attempt, out of *nowehere* a wizard-type helper just appeared, took me through the process, and added the (previously) paired P800 to my iSync.

Maybe just try the process again from scratch after the initial pairing (which caused NO problems for me).


The REAL bummer is that iSync will only sync Contacts and Address book, not the Calendar or Tasks with iCal. The options are simply greyed out.

Now I *bought* the P800 last week the day after the announcement of iSync 1.1 and the Apple website announcement:

"Wireless wonder
iSync supports the largest array of Bluetooth-enabled phones of any synchronization software. The latest version expands support for the pioneering Sony Ericsson Bluetooth lineup to include the sleek new T610, the T608 for Sprint PCS, and the powerful P800. That last one not only offers a built-in camera, but also a stylus for pen-based entry rivaling any handheld. iSync now supports Nokia?s Series 60 smart phone platform. Current models include the 3650 and 7650. "

(this is still there today).

Imagine how pissed off I was when a recheck today under "Latest News" in iSync Help tells me

"News about iSync
This page contains updates or changes to the information in iSync Help.
With some mobile phones, you can currently sync only contact information. These include the Nokia 3650, Nokia 7650, and the Sony Ericsson P800. You won't be able to sync iCal information for these phones using iSync 1.1"

Would it be TOO much to have put an asterisk on their web page to note this "detail"? Sony-E, who should be best-friends with Apple, just say that their pride and joy only works with Windows. IF iSynd worked, it would leave the Windows sync for dead. But it doesn't. Not yet.

I forked out $A1500 for a phone on the basis of the features I needed and the endorsement of Apple. My main need is a synchronised Calendar. I could have had a working T68i for $A300, instead of a half-crippled non-sync with the P800.

That said, however, the P800 is a sweet machine. Not too big at all, it feel perfect in the hand. It is customisable to almost ridiculous lengths. Its main problem is that it has shitty sound quality unless a headset is used, and it seems to have a weaker reception than any other mobile I have used. It does have a space for an external aerial, though.

Setting up all the different accounts is less than fun, and I still have a problem with my emails.

It feels a bit like discovering the Newton all over again. Handwriting recognition for printing is particularly good, using what is called "CICs JotPro". My 9 year old has no problem with text entry right out of the box, either. My 5 year old is getting there.

So my real problem is that my kids won't give it back to me. They can take or leave my TiBook, but THIS is about as cool as toys get!