iSync is only syncing certain calendars to my Razr


Hello all,

I am running a 15inch aluminium powerbook with bluetooth 2.0 built in. It has Tiger 10.4.2 with all updates. When using iSync to sync my calendars from iCal, it seems that only certain calendars get sent over to the phone.

I have tried selecting "Sync All Calendars" and only selecting the ones I absolutely wanted to sync.

I have also tried deselecting the ones I didn't want to sync in iCal.

No luck. It seems random...

Thanks all,


In iSync, click on the icon for your phone. You'll find a list of preferences. One of them is for which calendars get synced to the phone. You can either choose "all," or you can check the ones you want to be synced. You can also choose how far into the future you want to sync the calendars.