I was syncing 2 macs (G5 and 15" Powerbook) and my phone Motorola v300. All of a sudden iSync stopped recognizing my phone. My Apple system profiler sees it clearly in the USB window.
I installed the 2.1 update with no success. Things have deteriorated now because when I ask to add a Device the scan window won't even open.
I have 10.3.9 in the G5 and 10.4.2 in the Powerbook.
My phone is NOT locked in case you wonder.

Any ideas?


I've no experience with phones synching through USB. With Bluetooth, I'd tell you to get rid of all pairing traces both on the phone and on the Mac (with which Mac are you synching the phone, btw.?) and pair them again. But I guess through USB, there's nothing like pairing...
How did you do this? Just let the 2.1 updater run again? Or really deleted iSync and installed again? From where, how?
I erased the old iSync and copied an iSync from another Mac (A PowerBook almost identical to mine) I was desperate and did it wih very low expectations, but it worked.
I had to restart several times though. The first one did not work.