It is called Mac OS X 10.0 !!!! (see n/t

I just read that....
this seems to be non-sensical BS.... you will wither have a roman numeral ( X = 10) or an arabic number (i.e. 10) ... you CANNOT have both.... Why not throw the greek numeral for 10 ( Kappa ) in there since its "cool" .... I really look forward to a product called MacOS XK10 (seems like a build number LOL :p)

Think apple... THINK!

Of course, the reason for it may have to do with people not knowing how to pronounce X.

just a thought
the *product* is MacOS X (as in MacOS UniX). the *version* is 10.0

heh, i wonder if the next upgrade will be called MacOS X/11
LOL...that would be a laugh riot!

If the product is called MacOS X, shouldnt the version be 1.0 simply because it is a *new* product. A ehole different and reworked OS hence the name. If anyone tries to argue the whole name change stm "System xxx" to "macOS xxx" the underlying code was the same for those 2.

Personally I think go with MacOS X 1.0, period. It sounds better. ;-)
but it's not a new product, it's MacOS ;)

I think calling it MacOS X 10.0 nicely reflects the dual nature of the beast.

Harumph. It's a complete shift in technology -- and should have reflected that in the Naming and Numbering of the thing.

I happen to remember Steve Jobs saying that Mac OS X 1.0 would "come out in the Summer of 2000 and Mac OS X 1.1 will come out in early 2001"

Seems that someone changed their mind on the topic.
Perhaps you are right....
Its a nice play on the inteligence of the end user (X for uniX :p)
IT seems a bit weird thought because apple had initially said that X = 10
so now its kinda like saying MacOS 10 10...
anywho :p

no sense beating a dead horse :p lets see how the crowds like it lol ;)

Here is the secret :

System 1
System ...
System 7
Mac OS 8
Mac OS 9
Mac OS X 10.0 <- major change
Mac OS X 10.1
Mac OS X ...
Mac OS X 10.9
Mac OS X X 10.0 <- major change
Mac OS X X 10.1
Mac OS X X ...
Mac OS X X X 10.0 <- major change
If one of you have a 4Kxx build you can check the system info in Apple System Profiler and find out what version it is..

it will show:

Mac OS overview
System: Mac OS X 10.0 4Kxx
Mac OS XXX sounds kinky, will you have to be over 21 to purchase it? Personally I think Mac OS X.0 would be cool...