I heard of this from but I'm not sure if it is actually real. They talked about there will be iTalk included in MacOS X. iTalk is a multiply instant-message application that can send IM to any IM software such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and all IRC. Anything hear about this too?

-Adam Betts
come to think of it, on some of those leaked 4K screenshots, there was a blue Fire-type icon with an iMac in the Dock... I don't know if that was just a custom icon someone made, or if it was in fact iTalk
As a concept it is nice, but...
ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, Odigo, and MSN all have different interfaces and functionatilities, and 5 different buddy lists.... how can you distiguish who's on what and what can you do with what service. Some allow file transfer, some dont, etc etc etc.

it seems mind boggling :p
forgot to ask :p

Does apple plan to have some sort of teleconferencing software lie Microsoft's Netmeeting or some sort of telephony software like calling normal telephones from your mac ???

I had heard somethng about this but I have not heard about it again... any thoughts ?

Originally posted by AdmiralAK
Does apple plan to have some sort of teleconferencing software like Microsoft's Netmeeting
It does not really pertain to OS X, but it there a Mac compatible version of NetMeeting ?
(un)fortunatelly no there is not.
Microsoft made NetMeeting windows only.

I would use c u see me but it is commercial, and I dont really have much use for it.
I would like to communicate with people I know, but as a hobby and not enough (at least for now)
to justofy dishing out the $$$ for it ;)