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What do you think of PowerText v0.1 Beta?

  • Good as gold! I love it!

  • I don't really care.

  • I hate it! I'd rather be using TextEdit!

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PowerText v1.0b3 is here! Download the attached file (750K) and have fun!

New Feature! For those of you who downloaded this program beore 20/12/01: you may want to download it again. I have added a new feature, please check out the thread near the bottom of this page or download version 1.0b3 here.

I had originally posted this on the "Programming Carbon/Cocoa" so if you have any questions or bug reports please check out the "Beta Testing Anyone?" thread or reply to this one. You can also email me at

Have a great day and have fun!


To those of you who voted "I hate it!" or "Who cares" could you please let me know what you didn't like about it? Was it to complex? Did the interface suck? Was there a lack of features?

I was pretty excited since this was my first app, but it looks like almost everybody else doesn't like it, so I need some input on what to do to fix it.

Dont be blue my friend :)
I am sure we will all take a look at it and give you feedback ;)
I will be the first :)


Thanks for your reply and the encouragement.

I do have something I want to add to this software. I have tried to figure out how to do this with no luck. What I want is to make a custom color chooser panel and a custom font chooser panel. How would I script these?

I am finishing a NIB mockup file of what I want it to look like, if you need to see it please let me know.

Thanks again!


A new feature has been added to PowertText! I know that alot of OS X users (including me) miss the window shade feature in OS 9. I have added this function in PowerText. Double-clicking the title bar or single-clicking the minimize button will collapse the title bar. Control-clicking the minimize button will send it to the dock. More cool features coming! Let me know what you think!

Have a great day!


P.S. I have re-uploaded the zip file so if you want this new feature just download it at the start thread.
That is actually a great text editor.

However it would be more convenient to have the fonts in a WYSIWYG menu.

I think the minimize in place feature is just TOTALLY AWESOME. How did you manage this? Is this like a little trick, or is it built in to the operating system (read: can you activate this system-wide using the Terminal, or is it just something that you coded into your own program)?

This program really has potential. Now bring us drawing and painting and database and communications documents, and then you can sell it to Apple for AppleWorks 7! ;)

Seriously, it's good. I still would like a drawing/painting thing integrated into one program though.

Thank you for your reply. I think the fonts in a menu would be easier as well. I will try coding this.

This minimization feature is something that was coded into this program and I don't think that you coul enable it around the system. I may be wrong though. If you find out how to do this feel free to contact me with the hack, I would love to know how to do this!

I have never seen AppleWorks although it sounds like an interesting program. I was thinking of making some kind of graphic application or a WYSIWYG HTML editoy next. Database and communication programs sound good too.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi Martin

I would like to d/l your file but it seems to not be downloading from your link (it downloads attachment.php)

I'm not going to vote anyway until I've tried it!;)
One thing I have found if you download a file, and
it comes through as say attachment.php open
it with stuffit and lo and behold, it will work...

Yep it opened alright!

Anyway Martinatkinson

I would be prepared to use it as an alternative to textedit if there was more in the way of alternative features. At present it seems like you have basically got TextEdit under there, with a more readily available interface (which is what I like about your app most)!

It doesn't have some of the more in-depth Textedit options for type.

But, just emulating these wouldn't be enough. You need to think of something that ain't in Textedit but would be a real bonus for us potential users!! (trust me, I'm a businessman! -- not a nasty one in a suit though!!!!)

I like it (but it needs a fancy Dock icon!)


A quick example, I only realised last week that Textedit had a drop down ruler and tabs! (I only use it for transferring or opening text quickly) -- yet i noticed this within seconds of opening yours!

Anyway, if you could make a cheap alternative to Word as so I don't need this. I'd be happy.

Thanks for your reply. That's what I need, some good constructive critisism! Thanks so much! ;)

I have some features in mind that will make it more feature-rich than text-edit but I will not let you know so that I don't get your hopes up. About this icon, I am working on an icon set. I will totally replace the boring app icon with a better one as well as replacing the toolbar icons.

Anybody and everybody else please feel more than welcome to add to this thread!

Have a great day!

I think no one knew what it was. I didn't by the text in the header. I thought who cares until I saw some of the other posts. Then I became interested. I don't need a text editor yet, but I will check it out when I do some coding. I have to stay "Office" standard for now because of other users I send to on PC's for now. But I think it is great you figured this out and programed it. I want to learn more of this, but some days I get the "brain is full" indicator. Stuff just doesn't go in anymore that day! Good luck!



I have just finished version 0.2 of PowerText. Looks like the final release is not that far off! Anyway, I have added a new feature, you can now have PowerText read the selected text to you! This is similiar to the feature in SimpleText and is one feature that TextEdit does not have! I have also optimized this version for use with OS 10.1.

Also in v0.2: Some new icons for the toolbar and application, toolbar has been removed from top of screen and placed in document window, toolbar print button is now enabled, about panel resizing problem fixed, document window resizing and printing problem fixed.

You can download PowerText v0.2 here. I was not able to post it as an attachment because it is 120K but you can download it from my FTP server.

Have a great day and enjoy!

Although TextEdit's options are harder to find, they don't take up my entire (800x600) screen. Options to turn off some of the bars would help. This program is also missing a few key things: Wrap to Window, and a resize handle on the document windows (very important!) come to mind. Also, it unexpectedly quits if you bring up the about dialog and then click on the menu bar.

Keep working on it!:)

(BTW, I might have missed one of the features, if I did, say so.)

If you click the close buttons on the toolbars they will be closed, to open them again just go to Window > Special and choose the toolbar you want shown.

I am working on a wrap to window/wrap to page option and am close to finishing, I had to disable the window resizing because if the text box is bigger than it is now some of the text will be cut off when printed. I am planning on fixing this.

I tried to recreate the error that you mentioned (unexpectedly quiting when bringing up about box and clicking on toolbar) but was unsuccesful. Maybe if you answer the following questions I can fix this problem (Anyone else had this happen?): What version of OS 10 are you running? Are you using PowerText v0.10 or v0.20? If you are using v0.2 and running OS 10.00 - 10.04 than you need to upgrade to OS 10.10. If you are using PowerText v0.10 then I would suggest downloading v0.20 and see if that helps.

Thank you for your reply and please feel free to contact me about anything else you need.

Have a great day!

Is it appropriate to post apps to be reviewed in this section of the site? It seems a little out of place... plus it could really commercialize If it is appropriate, can I post the status of an app I'm writing and get reviews without people chewing off my head? (granted, it's shareware, but it's useful shareware :))

I haven't downloaded it yet (on my linux box), but it sounds pretty cool.

First off, I like your courage to interact with the user directly. Not just via email or something.

One feature I'd like to see, would be a way to import word files. There's a program out there, called antiword. You could include it (ie, have it installed, but not as in copy the source code into your program), and have an "Import..." option in the file menu.

It could simply run antiword and convert it into a regular text file.

Don't know where I downloaded antiword from, the version at didn't work, so I think I got it from or something

Keep up da good work!