iTune users, help please!


Having been a Winamp user since version one until I bought a mac recently, I'm having a bit of trouble ajusting to iTunes..

The one thing that really annoys me about it is the fact that every track you open from Finder gets automatically added to the playlist (I'm not on about the iTunes folder where it copies the music automatically, I've turned that off already) I'm just on about it adding tunes to the playlist and doesn't ever remove them (unless you do it manually) this can cause problems from time to time, for example; one minute I'm listening to some laid back Miles Davis or something, next thing I know that tracks done and some bloody thrash metal I played as a joke several days earlier comes on out of no-where. This is not acceptable. ::ha::

Does anyone know of anyway to use iTunes in the way you can with Winamp, ie. when I open a track, via either Finder or iTunes itself, how can I get it to forget about the last track it was/is playing and replace it with the one you selected to play?

I had the same problem when I switched. The thing I realized is, the way you use iTunes is very different from the way you use Winamp. With Winamp, it was a player that you could simply use to open files.

iTunes is your entire music library. You can do all sort of fun stuff with your music (I really love the Smart Playlists).

Anyway, what you need is probably something like Audion. It's a music player (unsupported now, but free) like Winamp and you can do a lot there. It supports mp3pro as well. Get it from

As for your free serial number, you'll find it that in this page:

It's all legal. And yes, it features skins (or "faces", as they call it). :)
If you just want to play an mp3 once, use QuickTime Player instead. iTunes just isn't made for one-time listening.
put quicktime in the dock. when ever there is a file you want to play in quicktime (this works for any application) drag it onto the quicktime icon. it'll open it and play in quicktime, while still defaulting in itunes. to change the file association, ctrl-click the file, Get Info for it. change the default application for it and then select 'apply to all file types'.

i was hardcore winamp user from versions 2 through till 2.73 (about 2 and a half years), but paled when 3 came out. it was too bloated by then. i switched to itunes. there's not as many fiddle-options, but the overall power of the program is far, far superior. i havent touched a folder since switching, and i used to spend hours, organising and cleaning my music folder in strict heriarchy. now iTunes does it for me. perfectly.