iTunes 1.1X is encodes SLOW


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In OS9, I can rip an mp3 off of a squeaky clean CD at about 12 - 14x max. The closer the data is to the ouside edge of the CD the faster it can encode. In OSX, the max speed that I can encode off of the same CD is 3 - 4x. What gives? Anybody else have a similar experience?
I definitely noticed that too...once you get used to iTunes on OS9 ripping around 12x, running it on OSX really does suck (I've seen no more than around 3x on X).
Let's hope iTunes 1.2 brings the speed back...
I have ripped 3 CDs and the slowest was 15x and it got up to 20x. Am I just lucky or something?
Well, you did something that helped it. I just tried it again (on a different CD than before) and was seeing about 6-7x. Better than before, but I believe I may have had more running then. The bad thing is iTunes was using about 70-75% of both CPUs...or 140% in top.
When encoding an MP3, iTunes should use 100% of whatever is left of both processors. The more of each processor it uses, the faster it will encode.