iTUNES: 10 hrs and counting


Somebody (maybe a 15 year old) can tell me the steps that are wrong with this.
1. We created music. We saved a playlist too.
2. We named all the tracks.
3. We burned playlist to CD.
4. We submitted the "artist, genre, titles" to Big brother online.
5. We get the "congrats you've submitted"
6. We take CD out of computer.
7. We put CD into another computer.
8. Name of CD is not what we called it. Reverts to a "TEST NAME"
9. Names of tracks are not there.All just Track 1, Track 2, etc.
10. Click on "get names" while online and we get the message "can't get there from here blah blah blah."

What are we doing wrong? I want to see the names of the tracks that I burn to the cd of the music I create. Or do I have to give a print out of the names to everyone I give the CD too and tell them to just refer to Track one on the printed cd pamphlet? What's up with that?

Thanks in advance.....
10 hrs/ 15 minutes over three days and counting.