iTunes 2 CPU usage


iTunes 2 is supposed to use less CPU than iTunes under OS X, right? When I run top it's using about 30% of my CPU consistently. Could this be because I'm using a G3, not a G4. Anyone else notice this?:confused:
I've been testing iTunes2 (v2.0f13) on a G3 450 and a G4 400. On both machines CPU usage runs somewhere between 15% to 25%. This is about the same performance as I get running iTunes1.

The code on this build may not be fully optimized, and it's likely that the final shipping version will run leaner.
To get the cpu usage, just open up a new Terminal window (Applications/Utilities), and then type "top", and you should see the CPU/memory usage in that window. If it doesn't show iTunes (which it should since iTunes is usually a mem/cpu hog compared to other processes), then just press Control-C, expand the Terminal window, and then type "top" again.
top -u

will sort the biggest resource users to the top of the list every second or two
unless yours sucks way more than mine does, you don't need to kill top (or any other process) to expand the window and reap benefits. Give it a refresh or two.

but yeah, top -u
I was going to post a new thread and rant but this one will do.

when I use iTunes it drags the whole system. It never skips which is good but Omni or Mozilla become unbearable. I ran top and found it to be using 30% of my cpu :mad:

Then I installed xmms via fink and I used it when I was xwindowing. I decided to run a test to see how they matched up. With iTunes and xmms running, plus XDarwin and OroborOSX to make xmms work, and top to calculate the results, iTunes ate 30% of my process power on average. xmms took 10% plus 5% for XDarwin and 3% or so for OroborOSX. How is this possible?

I have done stuff in the past where I use nice to set the priority of iTunes lower and that makes surfing reasonable on my 266 mhz iMac but iTunes skips. xmms skips too but in order for me to get itunes at 18% process power it skips a lot more than xmms does.

I just recently found a skin for xmms that makes it look better than iTunes (No brushed metal means better continuity with the system and MUCH less screen space taken up)

I'll never give up iTunes forever but I just find it incredible that it takes almost twice as much power for iTunes than xmms combined with all the stuff to get it going.

I used to have LinuxPPC 2000 installed on my computer and XMMS used about 3 to 5% CPU time. iTunes plain and simple is a CPU HAWG. It must be doing A LOT more than XMMS, that's the only possible explaination. iTunes takes anywhere from 12% to 25% on my computer now.
Hehe, thread from the dead.

iTunes 2.0.4 has helped out a little bit on response problems, but I'd say the biggest problem is that it's "a bad Carbon port".
Maybe if Apple rewrote it a bit it wouldn't suck so much.
I've always found that even when running iTunes though, nothing else slows down. For example, when playing Unreal Tournament and iTunes at the same time, the computer doesn't lag any more than normal, and iTunes doesn't skip. Performance is still the same. That may just be me, but it would still be nice if Apple could make iTunes take only a few % of the CPU idling.
hell, we've been playing mp3s since we had PowerPC 601 machines (like the PowerMac 8200/120). And iTunes uses way too much of my processor for decoding mp3s. Of course, back then we were used to skipping in those, when we did other stuff in the foreground, but still... This was YEARS ago...
With my mac (iMac DV SE Graphite 400mhz 256MB), I can't run iTunes in the background while using other programs. It ALWAYS crashes from lack of memory within half an hour.

If I run it in the foreground, it will run happy, but as soon as I open up a few other programs and try to work in them (BBEdit, IE, MSN, etc) it hangs the WHOLE computer. Total kernel panic.

I did some tests checking RAM usage, and it would continually creep up and I did other things. Must be a memory leak, or what someone said before, a bad carbon port.