iTunes 2


Just downloaded iTunes 2 and find it impressive.

Playing MP3's in iTunes 2 for the first time was noticably different from iTunes 1.1.2. The "Sound Enhancer" seems to be a variable "stereo wide" audio mode. It was cool for about 5 minutes, then I found it to be a little harsh on the ears and disabled it - it sounds too "electronic" - perhaps it still needs a little work. The song cross fading is totally cool and works very well. The equalizer works nicely and does make many songs sound "better", which is entirely subjective. Just remember, the purpose of an equalizer is to compensate for component inadeqacies and flaws, or otherwise, cheap electronics, cheap speakers, and cheap amplifiers, which I'm not saying the Mac has.

I often listen to my music "flat" as it's ment to be heard, but then again, when you listen to 320kbs MP3's through Beyerdynamic DT511 headphones (for $170 back in 1992), EVERYTHING better sound really good.

Well done Apple. Just need to make the iTunes visiualizer fast like GForce visualizer.