iTunes 2


Installed iTunes 2. Everything works fine EXCEPT whenever I try to open the prefs, the app stalls and just gives me the rainbow spinner. Has anyone experienced this problem/know how to solve it? iTunes 2 under OS 9 works great.
I didn't know that iTunes was even out yet.

Ahhhh! I just went to and sure enough... bam! I'm downloading it as I type!

Thanks for the fyi
Hey!! iTunes 2.0 is only out for Mac OS 9. This is an OS X forum! You got me excited for nothin'. I downloaded it only to discover, yuck, its a Classic App. Of course, I love iTunes and am glad to see Apple release it in any flavor, but damn! I want my MTV, I mean iTunes X !
Whoops, I checked their page again and they appear to have taken it off. It's probably related to the bug that was posted here earlier in the day (iTunes randomly erasing files).
It's actually changing file permissions so you can't see them. Nothing is getting deleted. *phew* Anyway, Apple is usually on the ball for these types of fixes.