iTunes 4.7 quicky question

Captain Sulu

Hi, When using itunes I'd like to be able to press 'command + mouse button' on a particular song to bring up the menu with 'clear' on it. This much is simple, but when I press clear it is unregistered from iTunes itself but the MP3 file remains on the computer.

I've been looking for a way to both clear the file from iTunes' library as well as delete the file itself without any luck, does anyone know how to do this???

I think by default iTunes asks if you want to delete the media file as well as it's entry in iTunes when you press clear normally. But that dialogue box is not popping up on my system at the moment.... can it be turned on again?

Thanx muchly in advance for any responses :)

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Are the songs in question in your iTunes folder itself? IOW, do you have iTunes set up under Preferences to copy new songs to your iTunes folder? If they're under there, clearing them should move them to the trash (and the delete message will tell you so). If you added them and the files are elsewhere on the hard drive, (where iTunes only has a link), then it would only remove the link because it was never part of the "library" per se.


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[Cmd] + [Backspace] does the trick for me. The only thing I don't like about it is the annoying dialog asking you if you want to move the original mp3 file to the Trash.

Captain Sulu

Hey Guys, Switching on 'copy to iTunes folder when adding to library' did the trick :)

I did have iTunes set up to have four windows though (and god knows how I did this but) instead of having 'Source' on the far left with an Artist list and Album list next to each other from the right and a larger list of songs under these two columns, I've only got the large list of songs showing now.

Once again it's been so long since I set up iTunes to look and behave the way I want it to I can't remember how to bring back the Artist and Album lists....

If anyone could let me know how to do this that would be great!

Capt. Sulu


To get your window back to having the four lists you had go to Edit, Show Browser.

That should give you the look you want.