iTunes 4.9 makes me want to break things

Robn Kester

I heart nothing
Ok, I have had, until iTunes 4.9, no problems with my macs or my itunes libraries or the fact that they span muliple drives.

But since I upgraded, everytime my mac stops working correctly, stops responding, stops playing by the rules... iTunes 4.9 is always running at the time.

When iTunes 4.9 decides to take a breather, which is often, so many things go wrong...

Force Quit (opt-cmd-esc) takes minutes, hours to even come up.
Switching between apps takes sometimes 5 or more minutes.
And the damn thing blinks at me, the screen blinks like its saying "hi, I'm sorry, but I am going to make you angry. Please accept this blink as a way of letting you know that you should leave the room for a while."

I recently decided I needed to move all my music to one place, so I got a LaCie 160GB Porsche drive and have been painfully copying it from my old G4. I hope this solves some of my problems because, as far as I can tell iTunes 4.9 is causing most of it. And I hate the other apps... except for Audion, and unfortunately, it is the last hope here.

Anyone else have these kinds of frustrations?
I'm having similar problems when I updated my system and iTunes. It keeps crashing when I change tracks, or do anything in iTunes, buts doesn't seem to effect anything else yet. I was told that this issue relates to quicktime 7 being bugging (i assume itunes uses quicktime). But I can't find a solution anywhere. Any thoughts

I use QuickTime 7 and iTunes 4.8 without any problems. Have you both any means of getting an installer for the older iTunes? I don't know if it would help, but I would provide my iTunes 4.8 app if you can not find anything.

Maybe I can also find an installer somewhere, let me have a look...

EDIT: On my Tiger DVD is an "optional installs" application, that can install iTunes 4.7.1. If you have Tiger as well, you could delete the newer iTunes and try out the older one. If there are problems with that as well, I would try it out with a fresh user account
Im not running QT7 yet... but I have installers for all versions of iTunes going back for quite a ways on discs somewhere including several iLife install discs.

I just dont want to have to go backwards to go forwards. And I have been using the podcast stuff in 4.9.

I got all my music moved to the new external drive. I am hoping that will help. Because about 5000 of my songs were "not there" unless the older G4 was turned on. Maybe that was part of the prblem. Will find out this weekend I am sure.
I'm still running 10.3.9. How do you get hold of an earlier installer of itunes (4.8) from a prevues install disk? I just need it to work. Knowing the source of this problem would be useful through. Robn let use know how you get on. May be Damrods right with new user account, the itune update did put a new Itunes music folder and library.xml in my music folder?
You can get older installers off your installer CDs/DVDs for OS X or iLife using that installer package viewer whos name is escaping me currently.

Or if you are like me, you always DL the full installers and archive them for just-in-case situations.

I believe that VersionTracker still has 4.8 for DL as well.

I am going to see how my iTunes behaves since I have redone it and the songs in the library and will let you know how it goes. I trashed my old prefs and library and started from scratch just in case to find out where the problem lies. Wish me luck.