Itunes 4.9 Updated, But No Library Or Playlists


After updating to Itunes 4.9, I find no library or playlists from my previous version. I have no knowledge of what version I was updating from, but some browsing of other help sites suggested finding the "iTunes 4 Music Library" file for my previous version and copying it and reusing it. The 4.9 install seems to have eliminated that version, at least in the Itunes folder.

All the information is on my Ipod and the current Itunes says "this Ipod is linked to another Itunes Music libaray...etc" and so I won't be updating it. But is the secret on the Ipod somewhere?

I'd like to retrieve my playlists without having to manually rebuild them. Any ideas why an update doesn't update?


I suggest downloading a program that will take your songs off your Ipod. There are a couple but I have used Senuti (Itunes backwards) and seems to work well. It takes the songs off your Ipod and puts them in a folder on your hard drive then simply import that folder into Itunes

Find Senuti at

hope it works