iTunes 5 lost my Library!


Hi There

I was running my iTunes library from an external HD, then I upgraded to iTunes 5 today and it's all gone wrong.

I've used the option in the preferences pane to iopnt iTunes to the folder on the external drive, but despite a reboot of the programme and then the Mac it's still failing to run my music from the external drive.

Any ideas people?

Thanks very much!

weird as I do have my Itunes library on external HD after pref config for Itunes 5 to locate my music it went into an automatic "updating library" mode and it's running smooth.

I also have copied iTunes 5 on the external HD and running iTunes from there, but works fine if I use it from local app folder.

Try throwing out the pref iTunes plist and start iTunes and go thru the pref it's the best I can suggest
thanks gig, still no luck though! may have to copy the whole lot back to my internal hd and run it from there until i work this out. goddam apple! :confused:
how about trying to use file menu > add to library and point to your iTunes music folder in iTunes folder from your ext HD ?

try it out as I haven't thought about it before ....

Wish you luck
just set it running and it's doing something! can't seer any files being added to the music folder on my homedrive, so i'm assuming it's adding the music to the library and leaving the files themselves on the external. does this mean that when i rip a new cd or purchase music from the ITMS that it will be saved to the homedrive?

thanks for your help!