iTunes brutally slow


Hello, you can see my computer specs in my sig, and i'm using iTunes 4.9..
Anyways, my problem is iTunes is painfully slow to use. Selecting a song, SCROLLING especially, switching windows of playlists is all very slow. It is very, VERY frustrating to use. I've tried repairing permissions and restarting (this has been a problem for about 3 weeks now), but that doesn't do anything. I only have 3,096 songs total in the library, and browsing even small playlists is equally slow. All my music files are on the same disk tiger is on, and that HD is the main internal HD.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot
how much free hard drive space do you have on that drive (the system/itunes-drive)? is it choppy slow or slow-motion slow? have you tried removing the file?