iTunes Disaster


Ok, I'm new to OSX but I'm pretty technical with a Unix background but I really borked my Tiger amateur-style.

I moved my iTunes 4.8 to a different folder (Multimedia) to keep my main applications folder tidy. Then I did the upgrade to 4.9 to find that it installed a second copy (to the applications folder where it belongs). In an attempt to consolidate them I deleted the 4.9 and the 4.8 to reinstall 4.9 properly.

Bad move!

Now 4.9 will not install at all because it believes it is already installed. The installer greys out the iTunes option to Skip it. I've tried deleting all the iTunes folders in the Library folder but still no joy.

Is there anything I can do to avoid a complete reinstall?

Thanks in advance
Hans ::sleepy::
that is a good mantra(tm).
as a rule, never move any of apples own applications from their initial position. i goofed gloriously and completely 4 years ago by moving everything to different sub folders (multimedia etc). the printer stoped working and updating was a nightmare. changed it back the next day.

here is a trick for ya:
use Automator and make a workflow that tells spotlight to add a spotlight-comment to all the files you have choosen in Finder. make that comment "multimedia", par exemple. then choose all your multimedia applications and run the workflow.
now you can use spotlight (apple-space) to quickly get a list of all your multimedia applications.


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i keep all of my apps in 5 colour coded subfolders. the worst ive seen is a new user-login displays the dock as being full of '?' as it can't find the apps straight away. everything is faultless