iTunes freeze


I haven't found any mention of this anywhere, but perhaps someone knows what may be going on.

I just updated to OS X 10.1. Twice in the last two days, iTunes has frozen while playing a CD. The odd thing is that I can't force quit it and when I run ps -ax on the console (or use the processviewer) I can't see iTunes anywhere. At that point the whole system gets unstable. Other apps start to freeze (I think after they try to make any sounds), and it's hard to force quit them.

I checked the system.log and saw this:
localhost mach_kernel: IOAudioStream[0x204d300]::clipIfNecessary() - Error: already clipped to a position (0x409e,0x19e2) past data to be clipped (0x409e, 0xdd9) - data ignored.

I've had to force restart my Mac both times.
Yeah I've noticed that iTunes gives me the shits too. It's gone bad while playing mp3s, as well as when I'm trying to add songs into it. Its crashed every time I've used it.