Itunes Freezes Importing Songs


All is not well with my System, Hard Drive, User files, Permissions, etc. But what really bugs me is not being able to hear my music!

I recently had a major system crash. I had to reinstall my system and then I had trouble getting the old files and settings (which were still there) to load on my new setup. (I had used a different User Name when I reinstalled, so the primary admin account wasn't in line with the one which I actually wanted to use.) These things are still not all A-OK.

But, I figure that at this point I will concentrate on fixing the little problems individually. I have manually changed owner/permissions on a few files because the computer would tell me that I couldn't trash a file or something. Anyway, this is all background... I wanted you to know all of that as well as the following: (1) There are possibly very good reasons that things aren't working; (2) I have both Disk Warrior and TechToolPro, but I do not understand how either of them are supposed to help me maintain a cleaner system.

OK, here's where I want help: iTunes v4.9(17) has taken to freezing when I try to add new songs to my Library or Playlists. This happens whether I use "Import..." or drag-and-drop. When I attempt to add a song, it goes all beach ball forever. According to Activity Monitor iTunes CPU usage jumps from something nice like 6% to 80-90% and then Activity Monitor reports iTunes as hung and I am able to Force Quit.

I can listen to iTunes all I want as long as I don't try to import any songs.

Other info: I'm a music hog. I have copied most every CD that I --and many of my friends-- have ever purchased. I also download from both the Store and free music. I currently have 4900 songs. The music is stored in my user/Music/iTunes/iTunes_Music folder. The iTunes App is located in my Computer/Hard_Drive/Applications folder. I am using OS X 10.3.9. According to Get Info, iTunes belongs to "system" and I have read & write privs.

Oh, I also have already trashed the iTunes prefs files -- at least the ones that I found. To be honest, all these levels of users and persmissions and such really confuse me. (Is it possible to have multiple versions of, say, QuickTime, depending on the user logged in?) I am one person -- the only person who uses my computer. I live alone and have no fear of anyone accessing my files (at least from my own computer -- I am of course interested in maintaining security from outside hackers.) So, this OS X stuff is all a little bit baffling to me. Though I'm a fifteen-year Mac user and fairly intelligent, I get totally baffled by all the redundant levels in OS X. When I open a finder window and look at the heirarchy and see "Computer/Hard_Drive/Users/MyUserName/" I feel like screaming, "IT'S ALL ME -- I'M ONLY ONE PERSON!!!"

Sorry. You know that computer hangups can be frustrating. I'm a nice guy, really.