iTunes Help Needed!


Hi there :confused:

I have just installed iTunes 4.9 and Tiger...
I saved all my iTunes files on an external drive before erasing and installing the new OS.
How can I import these folders and tunes into the new version of iTunes. I thought it would be simple but cannot seem to get them to work. Copying the files doesn't seem to be enough.
Any ideas?
Thanks. ::alien::
Are you talking about your old iTunes' support/preferences files or just the actual music files?
I am talking about my music files themselves. Both purchased music from the iTunes store and stuff from CDs. My entire library.

You can simply drop that folder into iTunes' window, then. You probably have to login to iTMS to be able to play the bought songs. (I haven't actually used iTMS yet...)
the window of the program. iTunes will then copy the music to the right place on the main drive.
'I thought it would be simple but cannot seem to get them to work.', - yes, the actual process is, if you know how; and, quite frankly - it is very intuitive.

'Copying the files doesn't seem to be enough.', - yes, it is, if you know how and where to drag the file(s), or folder(s) of files, etc.

01. 'iTunes' is on the 'Dock'.
02. 'iTunes', the application, is located in the '/Applications/' folder.

You can drag any music file(s), folder(s) of music files, or any folder(s) of folders of music files onto the 'iTunes' icon on the 'Dock', or onto the 'iTunes' application's icon in the 'Applications' folder. Either way, 'iTunes' (will be launched if not already) will automatically import the respective music file(s).