iTunes intranet server? can it be done?


I'd like to run an intranet based itunes server within our school...primarily for student developed songs but also for a few others as well... I'm trying to limit the downloading of songs throughout the day by offering them a local service...
Is this possible... I understand, notwithstanding copyright issues that this isn't possible right now...
TIA, Dan
It would be quite difficult to do it through iTunes itself, but if you simply set it up as a http web server, with the ability to browse and select songs, then any songs downloaded should open up in iTunes anyway.

I wouldn't try to muck about with the iTunes browsing system as you have no way of knowing how the server itself works (it is similar to http, but not exactly the same) and even if you figured out, the next time Apple update iTunes it could break compatibility anyway.
thanks symphonix... sounds like a much simpler way... what do you recommend for file storage... I know if I drag a song across from the CD it is far too big in size... can I drag them out of my own itunes library into a shared "network music" folder...

and... can I set a standard location for students to browse to (ie."GroupName"/networkmusci/ in their own prefs? and force the prefs so that this is the only location for them to browse to?... I used to be able to do this in MacManager, but have had troubles finding where to force preferences like this (and Safari) in WorkGroup Manager