Itunes Is On a


I recently integrated my documents from two old macs onto my new PowerBook G4. Now when I try to open iTunes, it reads, "The folder 'iTunes' is on a locked disk or you do not have write permissions for this folder."

I think I messed it up somehow when I was trying to delete one of the user accounts that I had brought over from one of my old computers.

When I click on on the iTunes "Get Info," it says I can read and write under the ownership and permissions. It lists "system" as the owner and "admin" as the group. I've tried to change those to my account name ("david") but it won't let me.

But since it says I can read and write, my sense is that my problem is the whole "locked disk" thing. I don't understand what's locked or how to unlock it.

Any advice? Thanks; you guys are great.