Itunes Launch Kills System Power


Very strange. After rebooting and launching and quiting iTunes 5.0.1 once or twice successfully the next launch kills system power just as the iTunes window appears for a split second. Usually it takes two tries to reboot; the first try kills power again about the time the progress bar window is due to appear. Also have to reactivate 3 menus: script menu, menumeters, and soundSource.

I have repaired permissions, reinstalled iTunes, rebuilt prefs, renamed the iTunes library, disabled iTunes plugins, and rebooted dozens of times with the same results. Only hint is after a Safe Boot it didn't crash. I will be eliminating login items next.

As you can imagine I wasted many hours trying to eliminate culprits before I figured out it didn't matter what I did, it would crash on the third try regardless.

Running Tiger on a G5 dual 2G w/plenty RAM & storage. No other known issues. Latest versions of QT7 and everything else from Apple.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

How about updating iTunes to 6.0 and QT to 7.0.3 with software update
if you have the latter it might be a compatibility issue as it works with iTunes 6.0

that being said I'm not running Tiger so I might not be that easy :)
also out of curiosity what do you mean by "kill system power" ?
Yeah, if you really mean that the power goes off, the computer dark and you have to manually restart the computer, I'd say the power brick is dead. Or at least undead.
Thanks for your responses.

I did update iTunes and Quicktime. It didn't help.

By "kill power" I mean the G5 shuts off, the light goes out, and I have to push the power switch to reboot. This has also happened independently of the iTunes trigger on 2 or 3 occaisions--the computer just turned itself off for no apparent reason as if the power line went dead.

Another symptom: A G5 having a nightmare: a few minutes after putting it to sleep the fans start winding up until after about a minute or so they are going full blast and it won't wake up. I have to hold down the power switch 5 seconds to kill power and then reboot.

Otherwise things are working fine until I try launching iTunes for the second or third time.

The undead power brick theory seems more and more likely, but why only with iTunes?