iTunes library on Windows/SMB server - How to keep setting?



I have successfully set my iTunes to keep the music files on a Windows XP server. There is a library file on my local harddisk (in Users/Me/Music/iTunes), which is fine, the music itself is stored on the server.

However, everytime my Mac wakes up from sleep (or is rebooted), the Windows share is gone from the desktop. Per result, when I open iTunes, the setting under Advanced is set back to the local (Users/Me/Music/iTunes) folder. I have to change this to the Windows share everytime I start using iTunes, and when I've done that, iTunes needs to rebuild the library, which takes several minutes.

What's remarkable: I can set the iTunes folder setting to the Windows share even when it is not mounted, as it will immediately mount the share after I entered it.

- How can I set my Mac (OS X 10.4.2) to keep the Windows share mounted, even when it comes back from sleep? or
- Is there a way to force iTunes to keep the correct folder setting, as this seems to force the OS to mount the Windows share.

Thanks very much for any suggestions!