iTunes on TV


is there any wany to make the visualizations for itunes play on the tv i have hooked up to my powerbook? I haven't been able to make it work without moving the menubar to the tv side... is there anyway to get around this?

The analog video out on my iBook DV works fine with full-screen visuals. What is your configuration?
i can get fullscreen visualization on my tv, but only if my menubar is on the tv display, which i don't like, and when I run it fullscreen with the menubar on the tv side it blacks out my powerbooks screen as well. I was wondering if there was a way to make my tv display the fullscreen visualizations while the menu bar is on my powerbook's display, an without making the powerbook screen go black...
In short, no.

In full screen mode, iTunes locks down the monitor, taking control of all Monitors attached to the Mac. There are workarounds though.

1.) Use 10.1.
2.) Place your iTunes main window on the window you want to visuals to appear on. When you got to visual mode, iTunes will now display visuals on this monitor.
3.)To keep working in OS X while Visuals play, simply expand your iTunes window to the full height and width of your TV screen. OS X only detects for the menu bar, so, you should be able to expand it beyond the boundaries of your screen...I think. Since I don't have dual-monitors anymore, I can verify.

Just running on theory at this point.