iTunes Playback


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Playback from mp3s in iTunes produces an unbearable popping sound that occurs intermittently and rather frequently from my speakers. Playing them in Quicktime Player works fine. Has anyone else had this problem (and fixed it?)
Where did you get 4P13? The official 10.0.2 update is 4P12 or did you just type the wrong number? Just wondering if you got a newer seed or something which could be the problem.

I am replying because I have the same type of computer as you and have not had this problem myself. Did you remove iTunes 1.1 before installing iTunes 1.1.1? That might be what is causing your problem. If not it may be something else wrong with your install.

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Oops; I didn't notice they changed the number, too. :)

I made sure I removed the old 1.1. It seemed odd that it was still lying around after the update. I've actually had the same problem with both versions.