iTunes preamp & looping weirdness


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
iTunes just started exhibiting a strange problem. Actually, TWO strange problems.

First of all, the equalizer doesn't work, period. I use it for its preamp a lot (because otherwise, normal apps are way too loud in comparison to my music), and now it's just....not working.

I did get the equalizer to work again (I have no idea how), but then it just died again when the next track began. I'm very confused. :confused:

The second problem is even weirder: if a song is playing, and I click at the very end of the playing slider, that normally takes the song to the very end, and then the next song begins. But now, instead of going to the next song, it just starts playing the current song again from the beginning. If I click a few seconds before the very end of the song, it behaves normally.

These two problems seem completely unrelated, but they both appeared at the exact same time. And, in fact, they always go together. When the equalizer works, so does the track-switching, but as soon as the equalizer dies again, the looping problem comes right back.

I haven't done any software updates or anything recently, and these problems have persisted after quitting + relaunching iTunes several times.

Have either/both of these problems ever happened to anyone else? Any ideas what might be causing it?
try to just completely uninstall itunes, except for your library, and reinstall, its free anyway so just download from apple's site
Did it, no help. I also tried ditching the relevant plists from my Preferences folder. Same thing.

And there's more weirdness: One song (and ONLY one song) will never respect my volume settings. It always plays at maximum volume, even if I drag iTunes' volume slider all the way down.

All of these problems persist between relaunches, reboots, and reinstalls. I never had any of these problems until a few days ago, and I can't think of anything I did around then that could interfere with iTunes in any way. What gives? Any ideas?

Edit: Another problem I've noticed is that the "Crossfade Playback" never works in party shuffle, and sometimes doesn't work in regular playlists, either. I never tried the crossfading until recently, though, so I don't know if this problem is new. At first I thought maybe the crossfading was causing all my troubles, but turning it off doesn't help anything. :(
A little more info:

I found one more track that always exhibits the same max-volume problem, and it turns out that both tracks are a little strange in that they're mpgs, not mp3s. More importantly, the same problem occurs when I play them in QuickTime Player. So I guess the problem is more related to QT than iTunes.

But I don't see how the other problems could be related to QuickTime. Maybe they're completely unrelated.
I think I solved it. I determined that the file type/creator for some reason effected iTunes' EQ. A bunch of my mp3s had types of "MPEG" (they were named .mp3; I'm talking about the invisible four-character Mac file type). I changed them all to "Mp3 ", and now it all seems to work.

This even seems to work with files that aren't actually mp3s. Go figure.