Itunes Printer Shutdown Restart Probs


Hya, this is my first go at this so it may take a while to get used to it, my apologies.
My problem is that itunes won't launch, my (new) Epson R200 printer continually spools jobs (and prints them when restart button is hit, then freezes) and the machine is taking a very long time to shut down or restart.
I am using a G4 dual 450 giga-ethernet with 2 gigs of ram and 120 gig internal hard drive.
The OS is Tiger (with latest update)
Everything was working fine until I installed the software for the printer and updated to the latest itunes, I have been on to the Epson helpline and they say its a Mac problem.
Can anyone help me? using lowest level techno speak if possible as I am as my ID suggests, a macdunce.
Many thanks
Hello, I am having the same problems, only with my PC. I fear that it may be related to a virus on my computer though. I have Norton on my PC and it keeps telling me that I have a virus but will not fix it. Let me know if you get any advice that helps with this issue. It is killing me not being able to listen to my itunes!

Hey I posted something shortly after you with the same problem. I figured it out on my own. Now here is the thing, I have a PC not a MAC so I dont know if this will even work for sure, but all i had to do after researching this issue for a while was COMPLETELY uninstall Quicktime 7 from my computer. Apparently that was causing a problem with my itunes. I would give that a try and see what happens.