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I have a huge list of iTunes songs I would like to print out, but I want the number to the verrry left of the songs to print out as well, what is that number and how do I print it. I am not talking about Track number, it's a labeless section, with just number orders in it. Let me know if you need an example pic of what i'm talking about.





This is pic is of iTunes list, notice the numbers to the left side, what are they and how can you print them! Also notice I am not talking about Track #, that list is in the pic also, but I can print those.



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Those numbers are just numbering your list. The only way I know of to get those numbers as well as the titles of the tracks is to do a screen capture. Screen capture will take a picture of the window, then create a picture/image. You then can print the picture.

Move your mouse pointer to the top left corner of the window.
Hold down the shift key and the apple key, then hit the 4 key.
The mouser pointer will turn into cross hairs. Release the keys and hold down the mouse button.
Drag the mouse down and to the right. You will notice a gray color covering the area that will be in the picture.
When you have the area you want covered, release the mouse button.
You will hear a click like a camera shutter and Picture 1 will appear on your desktop.
Open the picture and you can print from there.


these numbers are like a counter they do not appear in library but will if you create a playlist.

I've tried to fiddle around with the print function of iTunes as in cmd-p choosing large playlist in the theme pull down menu but cannot manage to have the full (1920 songs) list to be printed out ...

It sounds to me there is a limitation as to the list of songs you can print out, maybe someone knows why and how to circumvent this limation ?


Actually I wrote a small script to handle this: it numbers the selections, and then I use a export database option in Appleworks to have my entire library with all or any specified info i want listed in a spreadsheet looking database, good to print!