iTunes radio stopped working...



Has anybody encountered this problem? After I installed the security and IE updates on my 10.1, now I can't connect to the iTunes radio stations anymore!! I can still see the list of stations, but when I double-click on any of them, the "connecting..." dialog box pops up, and then it would just sit there until it times out.

Thanks for your help.
I haven't installed the IE update, only security update, and have the same trouble you do. iTunes radio won't work now - perhaps because it's not allowed to do some fundamentally insecure thing it could do before?

hopefully iTunes 2 will fix this...
The raido stations are down right now!
thay should be back and running soon.
i heard last week on live 365 that thay would be down
to do an upgrade and no it has nothing to do with the
software updates:)