Itunes Refuses to Play Or Import


I have upgraded to iTunes 5.0.1. I now find that playing CDs or importing CD tracks is very hit and miss. If i insert a disk then click on play most of the time nothing happens and the application hangs and i have to force a quit. The problem can be variably sorted by restarting but not consistently. If I can play the first CD i insert, then i can import tracks, but after the first disk is finished the next disk i insert refuses to play.

I have a 550 MHz G4 TiBook with 768 MB RAM and am running OS X 10.4.2. Up until now i have had no problems with iTunes, but having just aquired an iPod i have started tring to import more CDs to my library.

Reinstalling iTunes with a new download of the installer from the apple web site has not solved this problem.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved