iTunes sharing stalling problem


Anyone have a problem with iTunes shared folders songs stalling and not being able to reconnect?
Shared songs play ok until you pause or stop a track then it will not play a shared track again until you restart iTunes.
Normally you can see a "Connecting URL" progress window flash when you select another shared song.
With this problem the "Connecting URL" progress window just stays open and then gives up.
Thought it may have been a firewall or LAN problem so I turned off all firewalls and disconnected modem.
Only have one G4 and a G5 iMac connected with 2 user accounts each.
Have used Disk Utility from Tiger DVD so permissions and disk are all ok.
Have ran all maintenance and clean-ups with MainMenu.
AFP and all other Bonjour sharing works fine.
Sharing prefs are on, port 3689 is open and opened port 49152 too.
Have tried iTunes v4.5, 4.7.1 and 4.9 with Tiger 10.4.2
System, ipfw and console logs tell me nothing.
Problem persists even when sharing between 2 users on the same machine.

Anyone have this prob or any idea?