iTunes Skin

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It is very easy to change your iTunes skin. Right now, however, we are stuck with the grey color. All other colors default to various shades of grey (depending on the darkness of the color).

What you need:

Graphic Converter/Photoshop

First, locate your iTunes.rsrc file. Control-click on, select 'Show Package Contents'. Then navigate Contents/Resources. iTunes.rsrc is located within. Drag it out to your desktop.

Startup ResEdit (it'll work in Classic). Open up iTunes.rsrc. Double click on 'Pict". Scroll down to the very last image. This is the Pict file that determines your skin.

With Graphic Converter/Photoshop create a Pict file to your liking. Once done, copy/paste the image into your opened ResEdit Pict file. Once in, hit save. Then, drag the iTunes.rsrc file back into your folder.

Startup iTunes and...Behold!