iTunes spiking processor


Hello all,
Since I have a PB and I am always concerned with processor load and its not so nice side effects (heat/ battery drain), I decided to post this to see if anyone else has the same issue. Whenever I update the podcasts I have subscribed to, iTunes tends to run the processor at 100%. Why is this? Is there something very processor intensive in updating some files from the internet (Safari doesn't do this while downloading, why should iTunes)? Could this be a bug (temporary infinite loop while the podcast update subroutine is running) in the Podcast code of iTunes 4.9? Just curious if anyone notices this too.
I too have recently noticed that my iTunes uses about 150% Processor while updating the podcasts in my library. I don't recall this happening when i first was using podcasts, but just recently noticed high processing while updates are being done.

I currently have a dual 2.0 G5 with all the latest updates. In the Activity Monitor the %CPU spikes up over 150% and all the fans turn on. It's quite the show for a simple internet update.

I'm thinking it can either be a bug as the previous post suggests. Or the an actual podcast that is corrupt or misconfigured. I feel it might be more of an internal bug within iTunes as this intense processing goes on throughout each podcast that is being updated.