iTunes subfolders anyone????


I want to create folders within Playlist in iTunes. What recommendations does anyone have?

For example if I had a Playlist called Jazz, I would want to put several "subPlaylists" within the Jazz Playlist, and have iTunes play the sublists in order.
I'm afraid iTunes does not support 'sub-playlist'. And I have no idea how it could be accomplished
You can't have nested folders in iTunes. But you can have multiple playlists or maybe a Smart Playlist.
'sub-playlists' would be great - so that you can have artist playlists and then subplaylists for all / albums / etc - just like on ipods...

i reckon apple will bring this feature into itunes pretty soon - they've pretty much the same thing with iphoto already.

right now your best bet is to correctly tag the tracks with as much info as possible - and then create smart playlists so you can set the criteria for playlists better.
You can accomplish a somewhat similar effect by using custom tags in your songs' Comments (or better yet, Grouping) fields. I use this method a lot myself to aid in making smart playlists. Put the name or number of the "sub-folder" you want create in the Grouping field, then sort your playlist by Grouping.

Hardly a perfect solution, but hopefully it'll do what you want.
Thanks guys. I knew iTunes didn't do this in and of itself. And, I've thought about doing what you all are talking about. But what I'm actually trying to do is create a Playlist that will allow me to sort by artist, then album and then track. I stream media to the web using iTunes and I like to play entire albums in order. I can't seem to get iTunes to sort by more than column heading. Is this possible?
For me, iTunes automatically does smart sorting. If I sort by artist, each artist's songs will be sorted by album, and each album will be sorted by track number. Is it not working this way for you, or am I misunderstanding what you want?
Mikuro - Yes it does this, but let's say I want to play an album by Artist A, then an album by Artist B, then another album by Artist A. Sorting by artist won't allow me to do this. It puts all the albums by each artist one after the other.
yes! he's right - hit browse in the library, or apple+b in a playlist, and the options to browse by genre, artsit and album come up. this could be similar to what you want - so your jazz playlist is then sub-sorted by artsit and album

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