iTunes - the checks, the pod, the player


Hey guys,

Is there a way I can make my iPod only include the songs from iTunes which I have the checkbox by the name checked (does this now) but also, when I shuffle my songs in iTunes, have iTunes ALSO play the unchecked boxes?

So I get a sample of my music with my iPod, but iTunes will play the whole nine yards.

I have an older 10gig iPod so I can't fit all my music on it at one time. Gotta pick and chose.
iTunes' handling of the checkboxes has always kind of bugged me. Like fryke said, you should use playlists to load up your iPod.

The annoying thing about that, though, is that every song you add to your library will have to be manually added to that playlist to get it on your iPod, whereas with the checkbox scheme (if it could work, which it can't), every added song would have to be manually unchecked to get it NOT to appear on your iPod.

So the playlist thing is a bit less convenient, but it's really the only way to go.

Another, possibly more elegant way to do this is to use ratings. For example, instead of unchecking the songs you don't want on your iPod, give them a one- or two-star rating. Then create a Smart Playlist that contains all songs that either have no rating OR a >2-star rating.
the star rating. you'd have to start from scratch, but it'd work.

mine is currently:

Smart Playlist,

Limit to <37.5gb
Time is Between 2.00 and 5.00
Sorted By Date Added
Live Updating

this means that i get the most amount of songs on there (no stupidly long tracks taking up space) and i get the most recently added music, ie the stuff i'm currenly listening to, hopefully. plus the limit on the space in the ipod means i get everything at home