iTunes: the Finder's mentor?

Should the Finder have a "Search" feature like iTunes?

  • Yes - it would make finding files way better than using sherlock

  • No - I wouldn't use it / it's a stupid idea / I have a better idea

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iTunes has a Search feature that lets you find the song you are looking for when you might have hundreds or thousands of them in your Library. iTunes is, IMO, the best MP3 player because it does the best job of organizing MP3s.

What I am suggesting here is that the Finder should follow the path that iTunes has made for organization and easy ways to find files.

I think the Finder should have a search box, just like iTunes has. After all, it's called "Finder".

If you agree with me, go to and tell them. Maybe they'll listen.
The Finder in the DP releases of OSX had just such a search box (look around the net for some old screenshots and you'll see it.) I don't know where it went or why it was removed. Or if it's coming back or not.
I had DP4, but I don't remember that feature... Maybe because I didn't use it long enough, I just don't remember.

I'm afraid that if they had it and then took it away, it won't be coming back.
Yeah, that would be great. It ought to be one of the toolbar items: a text field for quick searching.

I'm not sure if it was in DP4..It might have been removed after DP3.. I never used it, so I don't know how it worked - it may have just been like Mail's search field and highlighted only items within that window.

I agree, a search field in Finder's toolbar would be very useful, but it would mean moving even further away from the folder == window metaphor that people seem so fond of.