itunes visualizer after 10.2.8


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Hmm, after installing 10.2.8, I went ahead and finally installed itunes 4.1. Now, when I turn on the visualizer (on small, medium, lg, or full screen) it goes for awhile, then gets stuck. The framerate either goes down to zero in some cases, or a small section of the effect repeats itself in a jittery loop. After awhile, the effect will restart (using different variables) but the quality is no where near 100% (probably 20%).
I have not tried anything yet, because I absolutely HATE screwing with itunes. I have my library set up the way I want it, and do not want to mess anything up.
Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, it would be great.

[Edit: I have, of course, restarted and relaunched several times. My mac is a dual g4 500 with over 800mb ram. I have been running a dozen apps at a time since jag came out, and I still do now. I don't think it's a memory issue.]


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lol, thats my only problem, i don't use that feature anyway, so who cares. My system still runs better than before, I'll trade a jacked up iTunes feature i don't use for stability any day.